©2015 Teitinga Ink Designs

©2015 Teitinga Ink Designs

Teitinga Ink Designs

Teitinga Ink Designs is owned by artist,  Jason Teitinga and his wife Aggie Hosking-Teitinga,  whom are of Cook Islands, Tahitian, Samoan and New Zealand decent. 

Jason was born in beautiful Aotearoa (New Zealand).  As a young child he moved to the homeland of Rarotonga Cook Islands to live with his mother and aunt.  His greatest influences in his life was his mother and his aunt,  both whom were very strong women of God,  who never waivered from teaching him right from wrong.  

Ta Tatau (Tattoo)

There are a handful of artists who have made Cook Islands ta tatau what it is today.  Artists and elders of all walks have paved the way for many alike.  One who has inspired Jason in his journey and work,  being his late cousin Boye Nicholas of Polynesian Tattoo Cook islands. His designs and artistic flare was unique and highly sort after by many around the world.  He will never be forgotten. 

A young man growing up in the Cook Islands,  Jason was fascinated with the traditional cultural arts of carving, drawing and painting.  One of the most influential teachers being Katu Teiti, who today is a leader in the performing arts industry and whom is a well known artist of music, culture and language,  an inspiration to Jason and many upcoming artists today.